February Recap

Sometimes I think it’s healthy to look back on a month and take account of the wins and the losses. I had some pretty substantial wins and losses in February, at least for me.

Win: We refinanced our house! This was a long time coming, and it was such a relief to get it all finalized this month.

Loss: This was a rough month for my diet. I have been trying to stick to keto, but my cute husband spends a lot of time in the kitchen, and staying away from his food (usually including carbs) is rough. I’ve decided to move forward with only counting calories and focusing on a protein rich diet. I definitely feel better when I limit carbs in general, but with the small tolerance for carbs with the ketogenic diet, I need to stick to calorie counting and call it good.

Win: I found something that has completely changed up the anxiety game for everyone in our house. If you want to try some ten-day samples, use THIS link.

Loss: My goal of Kondo-ing my entire house. I made some significant improvement on my office, my closet and Andrew’s room, but there is still so much house I have to get through. It’s happening in March, though. We’re beginning our remodel, and every room needs to be clean before ripping it all apart.

Win: I started another business. It’s not quite time for me to launch and spill all the details yet, but the paperwork has been filed with the state, and I’m a partner in an LLC. I have really big plans for this business, and I’m excited to see how it goes.

Obviously that’s just a small part of my month- but those were some of the bigger goals and plans I had, and how they turned out!