Healthy Promises I'm Making To Myself

  1. Compliments over criticism. Being positive and keeping a forward-thinking mindset will allow me to make better choices without beating myself up for the not-so-great ones.

  2. Think before I eat. Am I hungry? Am I hangry? Or am I just irritated so I’m eating this entire bag of Cheeze-its.

  3. Physical activity is mandatory. The gym is not.

  4. Coke Zero isn’t water, and we need water to survive, so I’m going to drink more water.

  5. Spray tans are still a tan. I never need to see the inside of a tanning bed again.

  6. Keep taking the stairs!

  7. Go outside every day.

  8. Practice gratitude. You have so many things to be grateful for, and you need to be mindful of those things.

  9. Put your phone down.

  10. Brush your teeth after lunch at work, because WHY NOT.

  11. Eat more salad. I know, it’s stupid. Especially if it’s iceberg lettuce. Blah, blah, blah, fiber and nutrients, blah. (Not talking about you, kale/arugula)

  12. Take shorter showers, the hot water isn’t good for your skin (or the environment) and end with a cold shower to close your pores. (Might seem dumb to you guys, I need to put this on my mirror)

  13. Remember to take a breath. Everything will work out.