My Weekly Reset

At the end of one week and the beginning of the next, I've often found myself scrambling to get my life together. Anxiety central. For whatever reason, I have felt like I am SO behind on all of the "little things" in life. Thankfully, all our bills are on auto-pay, so at least I know the mortgage is getting paid! I have been doing research on things we can do at the end of the week/beginning of the week (should we just say on Sunday!?) to be more productive moving forward and feel like you have a clean slate. I set an appointment with myself in my calendar for Sunday morning, giving myself 3 hours. Here's a truth bomb for ya. If you're saying to me "Ashley, you're crazy" actually scratch that because I hate my name. Let's start over. "Sarge, you're crazy! I don't have that kind of time on a Sunday morning!"

Morning Coffee and Get Organized

Here's my answer to you. Wake. Up. Earlier. I know some of us have church programs and family commitments on Sunday,  but making a commitment to yourself to get organized and keeping that commitment is important. If you have a 9am church service, wake up at 5 or 4 or whatever time you need to get organized as well as get out the door ON TIME. (If you're a habitually late person please don't tell me because it makes me uncomfortable. Thanks.)

I’m including a link to my free Weekly Reset Daily Planner printable below, because having my task list written down helps me make sure I get everything done! I fill it out throughout the week so I don’t forget anything Sunday morning!


This is how I've broken down my three hour block of time.

Hour One: The House

  • Throw in that load of laundry you really don't want to do.

  • While the laundry is going, declutter the house for 20 minutes. Putting things WHERE THEY GO (I'm mostly speaking to myself here) and finding a suitable home for those things that don't have one.

  • That should leave you 30 minutes which is more than enough time to do any dishes in the sink, make your bed, and wipe down the counters in your kitchen and bathrooms.

For whatever reason, having just those few things done at the start of the week really makes me feel like a better housekeeper. Notice I didn't say housewife. Because I don't have a househusband. We share the duties equally, and Johnny always pulls more of the weight during the week.

Clean House is a Happy House

Hour Two: Being your most "put together" self

  • Set aside as many outfits as you need for your workweek, complete with shoes and accessories. The less time you take deciding the morning of, the better your morning is going to go. (If you're taking more than 20 minutes to do this, let's talk.)

  • Declutter your vanity. Wherever you're doing your makeup and hair in the morning, get it looking clean and organized. This takes me about 20 minutes because I'm basically a tornado every time I get ready. I make sure everything is wiped down, I sanitize tools (because bacteria, duh!) and make sure I don't need to replace anything before the week starts.

  • Last, I do an inventory of my purse. Usually I'll have receipts that need to be filed, trash that Andrew (or Johnny) have added to it, or products like that week's lipsense colors stashed in various pockets. A clean purse is like a clean mind.


Makeup Vanity Setup

Hour Three: Business/Goals/Development

  • The first thing I do in hour three is take an inventory of the last week's goals, note progress on some of my more long-term goals and outline what my goals should be for the upcoming week. I like to write my goals down in a notebook that I carry with me. If it's a longer term goal with measurables, I like to take notes and add to the goal as things happen.

  • Next, I clear my inbox. Much like my purse, not having any outstanding invoices, bills, projects or emails in my inbox at the beginning of the week is like a fresh slate. Depending on how well you keep up with it during the week, this could take some time.

  • Last, because I work online, I go over my content calendar for the week. I think about posts I'd like to make, any brand deals or affiliate posts I'm required to put out and blog posts that are coming up. I don't work on them during this time, but I make sure I have the groundwork put into place to where I'm able to get things done in a timely manner during the week.

Business Organization and Goal Setting

 What are things that you like to do at the beginning of the week to prepare for the busy days ahead? Leave them in the comments below!!