Makeup Basics Day Four- Highlight and Contour

I don't know about you, but when I think of the words "contour" and "highlight" I think of Kim K. She has that lit from within glow and chiseled features that I aspire to have, but don't have the budget for. So- I contour. I use three different products to contour, depending on the mood I'm in. If you want to see what brushes I use, check out my post on Makeup Basics Day Two.

-Moca Java ShadowSenseThis is my go-to. It has the perfect tone, swipes on so easily and won't budge or smudge into my highlight or blush.

- Smoked Topaz ShadowSenseIf I have any kind of tan, I use Smoked Topaz. It's a deeper color with a much cooler tone, and I feel like it gives me more of a glam look.

-Bronze BlushSense I use Bronze BlushSense if I'm going for more of a "no-makeup" makeup look, or if I'm going to the pool or am on vacation. It has a lighter pigment than the shadows, a little bit of shimmer and makes you have a sunkissed glow that is perfect for the beach.

To highlight, I use another five products that I am obsessed with:

-Pearlizer Foundationis SO freaking gorgeous. I mix this stuff with everything. (Shadows, blush, foundation, concealer, you name it!) I also use it alone to highlight my cheekbones and the bridge of my nose and collar bones.

-Pink Opal Shimmer ShadowSense is a gorgeous pink shimmery shadow that creates such a beautiful highlight. I normally mix this with pearlizer foundation.

-a mix of White Concealer and Light Concealerto create a shade that's lighter than my skin tone by about 2-3 levels. This is a very matte highlight which is perfect for everyday use.

-Sandstone Pearl Shimmer ShadowSense this is a gorgeous shadow that I use a lot on the inner corners of my eyes, on my brow bone and to highlight the rest of my face.

Basically, the idea of highlight and contour is to alter the shape of your face to be more of an oval shape. This is currently the "most desirable" face shape. (huge eye roll.) I have a very round face, and I hate my cheeks, so I contour like I have a round face.  As you can see in the diagram below, face shape does change where you highlight and contour. Highlighting brings forward parts of your face and contouring creates shadows. So if you love your chin, highlight that sucker. If you hate it, contour around it to create a shape you love.

Watermarked-Contour-Chart (1)

Watermarked-Contour-Chart (1)

The biggest thing that I've noticed with highlighting and contouring is blending. Harsh lines and streaks do not give the appearance of light or shadow. It just looks weird. You do you honey, but blend that shit out. #blendingismycardio is a hashtag for a reason.