Makeup Basics Day Three- Application

Ahhhhh. The scary part, amirite?!

You can understand the color wheel 100% but still have trouble executing the application. Hi- this is me.

There are a few things I've learned while in cosmetology school and working at a spa that helped me with makeup application, and I'm going to share them with you!

Here's my disclaimer. I in no way consider myself a "pro". I don't do amazing winged eyeliner a la Amy Winehouse. I don't do lip art. I do a few simple makeup looks that flatter every makeup-wearing face. That's it. I focus on what will enhance the things you love and conceal the things you don't.

One of the first things I ask someone when I'm doing a demo with them is "What do you like about your face, and what don't you like?"

If you like your cheekbones but hate your chin- easy! Highlight and contour those babies until they're perfect. If you love your eyes but wish they looked bigger and more awake, I can tailor your eyeliner (or lack thereof) and your eyeshadow application to do just that.

Here are some "makeup rules" when applying makeup in 2018:

DO prep your canvas. You can have the best makeup in the world with the most flawless application and it still won't look as good as it could if you were taking care of your skin. (Stay tuned for my ultimate list of skincare products, tips and tricks!)

DO match your foundation to your all over body tone. We all know we've gone outside only to realize our face resembles a pumpkin when compared to the rest of our body.

DO  take your haircolor into consideration when choosing a brow color. I have made this mistake many, many times.

DO remember that you already have natural beauty. Makeup can be used to enhance that beauty without covering it up. However- never say never. Sometimes creating a "mask" and turning into a whole different person is refreshing and fun!

I'm only giving you one DON'T because it's a free country and I'm not about oppression of any kind.


Let me say it again for the lazy babes (like me) in the back.


I don't care if you have the best makeup on the planet (I do, actually) and you wash your face every morning... sleeping in your makeup is AWFUL for your skin. You need to give it time to breathe, exfoliate, heal and regulate itself. Your skin is your biggest organ and deserves it's own daily dose of self love.

As far as individual application tips and tricks, I invite you to check out my YouTube Channel or IGTV Channel. I am slowly adding tutorials and videos, and would love your suggestions on videos you'd like to see!