Sigma Does it Again!


I was lucky enough to be one of the influencers included in the latest round of giveaways from Sigma Beauty! They sent me two free brushes to try and then review- and share with all of you! If you haven’t seen any other posts I’ve done about my favorite makeup brush brand, I have a discount code that I get to share with my followers! Use code “bloombeauty23” to get 10% off your purchase!

The Brushes.

I was sent the P87 Edge Precision and the 4DHD Precision brushes. These tightly-packed precision brushes allow you to apply concealer, highlight and contour in exactly the places you want around the eye and nose area- and a lot more. Check out the pictures below, and watch the videos I’ve posted on my instagram to see more!


The P87

is used to apply and blend concealer, bake with powder or clean up lips and brows with the steeply angled brush head. I personally love to use this brush when highlighting and concealing right around my brow. It is such a soft brush that I don’t mind taking the concealer up underneath my eye, but the sharp angle allows me to cut exactly into the areas that I want.


The 4DHD Precision

is used to soften and smudge eyeliner, apply and diffuse concealer, primer or eyeshadow using the 4-sided brush head. I use this brush to conceal and contour my nose a lot, too! This brush has such a similar feel to my fave two foundation brushes, the F80 and the 3DHD kabuki brush. I have no idea how they made brushes that will blend so flawlessly, but if you struggle with precision blending, this brush is a MUST HAVE.

Overall, I have loved every Sigma brush I’ve purchased, and these are no exception. I love how the brushes have multiple uses, and such high quality bristles. Make sure that if you end up purchasing from Sigma you use my code “bloombeauty23” to get 10% off your purchase!

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