2019 Wishlist of All the Things!


I decided to make my own ultimate shopping wish list.

Because I spend so much of my time at the dollar spot, going through clearance sections and otherwise frivolously spending on things I do not need and probably don’t even want that much. But hey, universe. I’m putting it out there that I will be able to purchase these things in 2019 because I’m going to STOP BUYING SEASONAL DECOR FOR $3-$5 A PIECE EVERY TIME I WALK INTO TARGET OR MICHAELS. Better yet, I’m just taking a break from Michaels all together until the remodel is done.

So here it is. My grand old wish list for 2019. I’m gonna hustle my little behind off, save up, and make it happen.

The Style Section

2019 Style.jpg

There are some stylized pieces on my 2019 wishlist that I’ve been wanting for YEARS but haven’t taken the plunge, until now. These are all on my “buy” list for 2019, crazy or not! It’s happening. The first are these Sam Edelman Hazel Pumps because, hello. They’re classic. They’re gorgeous. I’ve tried them on multiple times but haven’t bought them yet. Now is the time. I’m heading to Nordstrom today because they’re in stock in my size.

This next one, I’m saving up for. I will admit I already have some “leathers” because my husband has motorcycles. We go on long rides and road trips, and leather is the best protection for your skin. However, the leathers I have are not cute. They’re functional. This girl needs a hot leather jacket, and this Leather Moto Jacket is the shit. The thing about a leather jacket is that it’s been in style since forever, and it’ll always have a place in fashion or in function. They’re warm, they’re comfortable, they’re sexy AF and I need one.

One of my favorite youtubers, Naomi Boyer talks about the importance of good basics that will stay on trend, but also last year after year. She has a collection of silk camisoles that are TO DIE FOR. They’re expensive. But apparently, they’re worth it. Also, they’re another closet staple that will never go out of style. I didn’t want to look like an old lady, so when I found this Silk Cami, it immediately went into the “need” pile. The details on the back are gorgeous and the fit is so cute.

This next one is purely just for the name and because I’m a little low-key obsessed with Khloe Kardashian. I need a pair of her denim. The Good American Denim line comes in regular and plus sizes, and for all us girls with a booty- who more can you trust than a Kardashian? I’m trying these on at Nordstrom when I pick up the pumps today, so I’ll report back on the fit.

Oh, the David Yurman Bracelet. I have been wanting one of these for a while. They have so many options for personalization and they’re made of very high quality material. At first I was thinking to myself “No way in hell am I spending $500 on a bracelet” but with real gemstones or pearls, sterling silver and 18k gold, its a piece that I can pass down to my kiddo and their kiddos. It’s a classic style that will always have a place in your closet. I have always purchased so much “fast fashion” and I’ve realized that not only does it hurt my bank account, it’s not helping the development of my personal style or the longevity of my closet. Investing in quality pieces that will last longer than you will, and will always be in style is smart. Spending thousands per year on clothes you wear a handful of times to then throw away, isnt. WHY HAVE I BEEN SO DUMB.

Last, but certainly not least, the iconic Chloe Bag. The bag that launched a thousand dupes. The Mini Marcie bag is amazing. It’s the cutest shape, perfect year round and I need one. I also need to save up for one because the price tag is steep. But this is my wish list, not my “I just bought this” list, so we can all dream and save those pennies until we can make it happen.

The Tech Section

2019 Tech.jpg

About 10 years ago, I owned a MacBook Pro. My boyfriend at the time stole it and sold it for drugs. He’s obviously no longer my boyfriend. I haven’t had a personal laptop since then due to my workplace providing them for me, but this year I’m buying this Macbook Pro . Between blogging, travel and photography, I need a better computer than the one I’m on now. And since we’re definitely an Apple family with our iPhones, iPods, iPads and Apple TV, it only makes sense to get another MacBook. PLUS THE TOUCH BAR. (I don’t really know what it does, but I know it looks super cool and it’s supposed to have great functionality)

Have you guys seen the Ring Doorbell craziness all over Facebook? Yeah, I shared that status too. And I think I’m almost to a free Ring, but haven’t purchased it yet. The main reason I want one is because as we all know, I’m an amazon-aholic. And package stealing is rampant in Salt Lake City. So between being able to tell the door to door salesman I’m not interested, and keep an eye out on my packages, I probably need one of these.

I’ve been asking for input on cameras on my instagram and on facebook, and I’ve gotten a lot of people who are fans of the Canon line. I know that Canon updates their product lines every February, but for now, I want the Canon 80D. There are so many features about the Canon cameras that I love, and this camera is also pretty weatherproof, which means on our travels I won’t be worried if we get caught in a little rain. If Canon releases the next version of the 80D and it’s totally amazing, I’ll obviously have to come back and update my wish list.

I have a love hate relationship with Air Pods. On one hand, they look extremely easy to lose. They also remind me of the early era bluetooth headsets that make people look super douchey. On the other hand, they seem efficient and apparently people love them. At $159, whether or not I love them, it’s not the end of the world. I love using headphones while on the phone because I’m always multitasking, but I hate the stupid cord and I swear Apple designs their basic headphones to get knotted up. So, we’re gonna try the air pods.

Last on my Tech wish list for 2019 is the new Apple Watch. I had the first generation and sold it. I didn’t like the size I bought (whatever the mm of the small one was) and I didn’t like that it wasn’t water resistant. I was so scared of ruining it that I took it off every time I washed my hands and it was just a hassle. Now, it seems that they’ve upgraded enough to make the price tag worth it. New screen, new speaker, new functionality and being able to swim with it on means that it’s got my vote.

The Kitchen Gadget Section

2019 kitchen.jpg

When I was 17, married, living out in the middle of nowhere in South Carolina, I got my current Kitchen Aid mixer. It’s been 12 years. The thing still runs, but it looks like crap and I made too many batches of cookies for my ex husband to want to keep it. Just the facts, friends. I want this new one because it’s cute, I love the glass mixing bowl look, and I need to make Johnny cookies from a good-energy mixer.

My mom has a Vita Mix. I thought it was stupid. But did you know that you can make ICE CREAM in it?? And hot soup? Ugh. SOLD.

Everyone has an Instant Pot. I do not. Yet. I have heard of people making everything from hard boiled eggs, to chicken, to fish, to CAKE in these bad boys. Why have I waited so long? Not anymore.

I love fried foods. So, so much. My friend Chelsea has an Air Fryer, and every time she posts about it I get jealous of the food she’s eating. So, I’m going to get one. Pretty simple.

The Home Section

2019 Home.jpg

I’ve talked about it a little, but Johnny and I are remodeling our house. He’s the greatest handyman of all time. He’s been an electrician, a welder, painter, drywaller, finish carpenter and probably fifty other things I don’t even know about. This guy could build me a house and it would be up to code and look amazing. I trust his sense of style and his vision for what he’s doing to our little house. However, I have a definite vision as far as our decor and furniture go. I’m working on putting together a collection that would best be described as “Mid Century Modern Western”. Because my hubby is a cowboy, and I wish I lived in the 60’s and 70’s.

This yellow Sofa makes my heart so happy. I don’t know if I’ll be able to sell Johnny on the yellow, but they have this same fabric in so many colors on Wayfair and I bet I can convince him about the style.

Our bedroom needs to be redone SO badly. I want to get to some sort of minimalistic vibe with neutrals and wood tones. This Bed is perfect for what I want. Plus, it’s so inexpensive and I can definitely convince Johnny it’s a need.

I want to get a couple of these Accent Chairs for my living room. I have a big window with nothing in front of it, and I think two chairs, a small little accent table and a rug would look amazing. I wish it was all done so I could just show you where I’m going with it.

Our living room has zero can lighting. We have a randomly placed ceiling fan, but it does nothing to add light to the room. I have been collecting new brass lamps from Target and other retailers, but this lamp has my heart. And it’s on sale. It matches the mid century modern furniture we already have, and it’s perfect.

There is something so comfortable about an Arm Chair like this one. I’m not just saying that because it’s my favorite color, either. My dad has one in his office and I spent hundreds of hours reading in it. I want to create my own little reading nook, and this chair fits exactly what I’m looking for.

And, the Love Seat. I purposefully want to get a coordinating couch/love seat set but not a matching one. I think it makes the space look so much more curated. It’s like each piece tells its own story, and comes together to make a home. I love the style of this love seat, so whatever colors Johnny and I agree to, I’ll be happy with.

So that’s it! My pretty comprehensive wishlist for 2019. It’ll be interesting to see how this changes over the next 10 months, but I’m fairly certain a lot of these will stay, because I’ve been wanting them for a long time. What are the things on your wish list??