31 Things I'm Thankful For in October

  1. Salted Cream Cold Foam Cold Brew from Starbucks. (Get light ice) You're welcome.

  2. Target's new lines of women's clothing. If you haven't been in lately, now's your chance!

  3. The Last 90 Days Challenge by Rachel Hollis

  4. The new VolumeIntense Black Mascara from SeneGence. If you haven't seen my results yet (46% growth in 4 weeks!) you gotta go check them out on my instagram.

  5. Easy crock pot dinners that you can reheat and eat for about a week.

  6. My traeger grill.

  7. HairCovery line from SeneGence. My hair needed this SO badly.

  8. Having friends who encourage and motivate me every day.

  9. My full time job for being so flexible and all around awesome.

  10. My desk-mate/work neighbors

  11. High waisted jeans like these. Again, Target. I have them in two colors and they're the most comfortable jeans I own.

  12. Barefoot Blonde Hair Extensions. I could list this one 5 times. The Classic Set and the BFB Up have completely transformed my hair game.

  13. Sigma Brushes. I've completely fallen in love with them lately. Remember to use the code "bloombeauty23" for a discount on your purchases!

  14. Getting back into journaling/using a planner. I feel so much more organized.

  15. The warm cookies from Arby's.

  16. My husband finally upgraded his iPhone and now he doesn't drop calls. It's the little things, y'all.

  17. Gucci Dupes. Like these slippers. I'm not quite at that level yet, but here's hoping for next year! ;)

  18. Having a regular coffee pot. I love the idea of the keurig, but I've been drinking so much coffee lately and having a regular 8-12 cup pot has saved me. This one is under $25!

  19. My trip a few weeks ago to Leaders Conference in Tulsa, OK. I got to see Rachel Hollis and Keith Kochner live and it was absolutely incredible!

  20. Girl, Wash Your Face- I'm rereading (okay, relistening) to this again and I recommend it to anyone who has been through anything. Seriously- it touches on everything.

  21. My relationship with my son. He is growing so quickly, and I'm so grateful to have a strong relationship with him.

  22. Weekly coaching calls with my mentor.

  23. Space Heaters

  24. The Haunting of Hill House. I got so much extra cuddle time while we watched this show! (Johnny can't really tell me no when I'm out of my mind scared)

  25. Our family night at Frightmares at Lagoon!

  26. White Chicken Chili. (I am grateful for a lot of food apparently)

  27. Shea Body Butter. I've been practically bathing in this stuff since the weather got cold.

  28. These Paper Mate pens. I know, it's super weird. But these pens write SOO well, they're cheap enough that I don't freak out if one gets taken at work and they have a really good hand feel. It's a thing, I promise. I've been hoarding boxes of them since I found them. I think they come in multiple colors but I have to use blue ink at work, so I only have the blue ones.

  29. Noka Sweet Potato Goji fruit and veggie smoothies. I keep some of these in the fridge and drink one for breakfast most mornings. No added sugar, they taste basically like healthy sweet potato pie and they're delicious.

  30. Date nights with my hubby. I love that after 8 years we still have that "spark" and nurture our relationship every week.

  31. My pup, Leia. It's her birthday today and I am so absolutely grateful that she came into our lives. She's probably the most expensive dog in the west, thanks to her heart surgery and regular vet trips, but we love her to the ends of the earth.

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