Favorite SeneGence/LipSense Supplies

If you're just getting started as a SeneGence Distributor, you're probably wondering where to get a lot of your supplies and setup for your launch! I am here to help! I have collaborated with some other boss babes in the industry to get the best options for you to get started. If you're already on my team, I've likely introduced you to this site to help you get started. If you're not on my team, sharing is caring and I want all of us to be successful in this biz! I have created a "SeneGence Must Haves" list on my Amazon Shop, or you can use the affiliate links below! This post may contain affiliate links. For more information, click here.

You definitely don't need ALL the items on this list, but these are the things I started out with, and my business took off because I was prepared and ready for all the parties and vendor events I could handle!

Photo Mar 16, 9 49 35 AM

Photo Mar 16, 9 49 35 AM

Square Card Reader- by using my link, you'll get $1000 in free processing through Square! I love the dashboard and reporting tools I get, the inventory management and customer directory. Sending invoices to customers is the easiest way to have them buy online if you aren't using a SeneSite.

Ring Light- getting some sort of ring light is crucial. This will help you get the most clear lighting outside of sitting in front of a window. If you're going to color match your clients for foundation, take pictures of your favorite LipSense colors, or  get that great selfie, lighting is everything. I got the one linked above, and I've loved it. It fits in my suitcase for travel, I take it with me to events, photoshoots, etc.

Folding Table- this will save you in many situations. 9/10 times in vendor events you need to bring your own setup. I also use this folding table when I have team trainings, parties in my home or even organizing my stock. I have more of a western vibe, and below is the very first vendor event setup I did (outside my launch party). My hubby carved the cactus (it's our thing) and the suitcase is vintage from my grandmother.

Photo Mar 29, 6 55 56 PM

Photo Mar 29, 6 55 56 PM

Table Cloth- You're going to want to cover your table. As you can see above, I use blankets. A lot of people use a basic black cloth like the one I linked, and it'll go with pretty much everything!

Tester wands- Even though our LipSense has SD40 Alcohol, (aka it's antibacterial!) the gloss doesn't! And if you take your testers to a group of women to try on, you're going to want to have some gloss tester wands. The ones I linked are good quality while still having a super low price per unit, and you want to save money wherever possible! (Remember these supplies may be tax deductible, but I'm not a tax professional, so contact your CPA!!)

Mascara Wands- Now that we have the world's best mascara (VolumeIntense Mascara in Non Waterproof and Waterproof, comes in Black and Black Brown!) and the OG LashSense, y'all need some mascara testers. I usually give each person 2-3 of them so they aren't double dipping, and so I can share UnderSense (the lash conditioner/builder) with them as well as the Mascara.

Photo Feb 24, 9 14 03 PM

Photo Feb 24, 9 14 03 PM

Organza bags- I'll be the first to admit, I thought these were dumb at first. HOWEVER. I quickly changed my tune when I watched a training about customer service. Now, every order I send out comes with an organza bag stuffed with little samples and goodies and I get a lot of responsiveness from my customers about it. You can get them to match your branding, some of them even have lips patterns!

Storage case- There are so many different cases you can get- but don't stress finding the perfect one right away. Done is better than perfect, and you'll get into a groove of what you want to bring with you to demos and makeovers. Word on the street is that SeneGence is coming out with a train case for us to take with us, but we'll have to wait and see!

Witch hazel- Because people's lips are gross. Chapstick is gross. I know, I know. Let me tell you- I used to be a chapstick addict, until I learned that the waxes and chemicals in chapstick actually make you dry out so you need to coat your lips more often. They don't solve the problem, they just keep you dependent on the product. I'll get off my chapstick soapbox now. Back to the witch hazel. This toner is so great for cleaning the lips before you apply lipsense. I use it every day to remove any traces of concealer or foundation before I apply to get the longest lasting results.

Photo Mar 16, 9 49 26 AM

Photo Mar 16, 9 49 26 AM

Isopropyl Alcohol - Similar reasons as the witch hazel. I have a spray bottle with alcohol in it to spray down anything that might come in contact with multiple people. Makeup brushes, applicators, etc.

Q-tips I buy in bulk. You can never have too many Q-tips when applying makeup or doing a demo party.

Cotton Rounds- Same thing. You will use a few per person at each demo, plus personal use daily if you're like me!

LipSense Display Case- There are hundreds of options out there. I use different options depending on my setup, but this is a great one to start with!

Standing Mirrors- This is another one where there are almost infinite options. Go with whatever fits into your budget and theme. I like to have at least 3-5 mirrors at every event I go to!

Photo Sep 29, 11 16 27 AM

Photo Sep 29, 11 16 27 AM

Sticky Notes -These can be used for so many different things, but I like to place them on the back of my Beauty Book. I'll usually write down a potential customer/distributor's info when I give them the beauty book, or write a short note when I mail it out with an order.

Padded Mailer- Don't be the distributor that has to constantly give refunds because your products aren't protected during shipping. Padded mailers are cheap, cute and come in so many styles and patterns.

Mailing Boxes- If you're sending a perfume or something more fragile, having an inexpensive corrugated box will save you a lot of heartache, plus you'll have a little more room to throw in some freebies!

Listerine Strips- Because you'll be up close and personal with people while you're doing their makeup. Enough said. Plus, if they're the bad breath offender you can always offer them one when you make a "big deal" about getting one for yourself! (You know the saying, never turn down a breath mint!)

Makeup Brushes- I already have a few detailed posts on my favorite makeup brushes, check out that link to see what I love and why I love them!

Felt Letter Board- These are all the rage right now with the Pinterest Moms, so I knew I had to jump on board. Honestly- it's a pain to get the letters in place sometimes, but it looks adorable! I keep two of them for parties now, and I pretty much leave the wording the same so they're always ready for me!

Hardback Notebook- The first word is crucial. Hardback. Get a notebook you can jot down info in, keep track of your customers, receipts, all the things. Make sure you can utilize it anywhere. You probably don't want to have to find a surface to write on so that your notebook isn't flopping about. (It's the little details like a floppy notebook that will drive your girl crazy.)

Microfiber washcloths- I bought the linked 50 pack and it was SO worth it. I use them when I wash my face, I'm able to bleach them in between demo parties and I use some of them around the house.

Thank You Cards- Thank you cards go a long way with people. I try to send one out with every order!

I know this isn't an exhaustive list, but these are the things that I use in my business that have helped me stay sane and be successful. If there are items I've left out, please comment below and I'll make sure to add them!