Brush Care 101


I was probably 20 before I realized I had to wash my makeup brushes. I had never really worn high quality makeup at that point, and I had never had good brushes. When I turned 21 and was doing my cosmetology apprenticeship, I was introduced to some amazing brands of makeup brushes- brushes that I still have and love to this day! Taking care of them is why I'm able to use the same set of makeup brushes for 7-10 years without having to replace them. Disclaimer- I can only speak to the types of brushes I'm using. I know that with things like this, you get what you pay for.

I had always used soap and water to clean my brushes until I started using SeneGence. I tried the brush cleaner on a whim, and I'll never go back! It's safe to use on natural or synthetic brushes- which is something to pay attention to. Natural brushes are porous and will absorb makeup, oil from your face and hands, and cleanser. So if you use a harsh dish soap that leaves residue- best believe you'll be getting some of that on your face.

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I like to put the brush cleaner into a spray bottle, for multiple reasons! When I'm doing a makeup demo, I wash my brushes immediately after, and I'm able to spray them down and put them into a container as I go. I also like it in the spray bottle so that I can spray more than one brush at a time, while using less product. My secret is- I mix the brush cleaner with a little water! I use about a 2:1 ratio of water to cleaner.

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I start out by spraying down the bristles of each brush, making sure to coat them all and give it some time to soak in. If I go past 2-3 weeks without washing them, it usually takes a little longer to fully break down all the makeup residue on the brushes.  My favorite thing about this brush cleaner is that I don't have to put a lot of work in to getting the product out. Usually with dish soap or hand soap it takes a lot longer to dissolve the makeup completely. This cleaner is specially formulated to break down the makeup and leave the brushes looking like new!Processed with VSCO with a5 preset

After allowing the brushes to soak a little, I lay them out and run them under water one by one while I gently rub out the makeup and cleanser. You do not have to sit and scrub your brushes for a half hour with this remover! It's amazing. The makeup just slides right out of the brushes (even the foundation brush! The picture above is a foundation stippling brush) without damaging the bristles. I use that cute little cactus scrub pad to make sure I get all of it rinsed out.

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I run the brushes under cool water until the water is completely clear and I can't see any more suds or product, usually about 20-30 seconds per brush! I try to keep the water cool so that I don't put any extra stress or damage on the bristles, especially the natural hair brushes that I own. It's that simple! If you're not a daily makeup wearer you could probably get away with washing your brushes once a month, but I usually try to do it Sunday morning so they have a full day  to dry on a towel (like the pic below!)


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