2018 Fall Fashion Trends

Animal Print

Animal Print

I'll be the first to admit that I am not a fashonista. But as of a few weeks ago, I made up my mind to be. I don't have to come up with the trends to follow them, right? So here goes. These are my fave trends that are happening this fall! This post may contain affiliate links. For more information, click here.

Animal Print.

If you're my mother and you're reading this, please stop laughing. Yes. I know. I told you I would never be caught dead in animal print and that you were crazy for investing in anything even remotely resembling animal print. I take it all back.

Animal print is basically a neutral this fall. Wear a cute belt, a statement jacket, earrings, shoes, really anything goes! Add it to a monochromatic look, throw a few prints together, the world is your oyster, babes. I personally like the accessory more than the top or the bottoms to be animal print, but that could change. Who knows!?

Linked below, some of my favorite animal print accessories that WON'T break the bank!

This super adorable skinny animal print belt from Amazon for under $10.

Kitten heel pumps in faux snakeskin... basically a need! They were $29.99 in a size 6 from Amazon!

If you're looking for flats, these animal print loafers will be PERFECT. They were $29.99 in a size 6 from Amazon and come in a few different colors.




When Clueless came out, I wasn't allowed to watch it. I actually didn't watch the movie from beginning to end until a few years ago. I now understand why my mom didn't want me to watch it as an elementary school aged child. However, it's a "cult classic" if you're a woman who grew up in that era, and the Clueless Plaid is back!!

I'm obsessed with this scarf, at under $15! If you're looking for a wool plaid coat, this one from Kensie will never go out of style.




This is another one I never thought I'd be into, but here I am wearing my mules day after day after day because they're super comfortable, easy to get on and off, and there are SO MANY STYLES, you guys.

Here's a nowhere near exhaustive list of some of the mules you'll catch me in this fall:

Under $30 with 9 designs, Lucky Brand comes in clutch with this adorable flat mule.

Toms expands their ever growing line with a flat leather mule, under $80! It comes in 5 colors, including metallic leather which is so gorgeous.

Jeffrey Campbell makes my favorite boot ever, so it's no surprise that he's made some of the cutest mules I've seen this fall. This pair with a bow is too cute to pass up! It comes in three colors, and I think I need the blush pair!

The slip-on loafer is everywhere this season, and if you aren't able to commit to the Gucci price tag (I'm definitely not!) these Steve Madden loafers are a close second!

WEstern wear

WEstern wear

Western Wear.

Ohhhh this trend. In my family, we rock this trend even when it isn't in style, every time we go to our family cabins near West Yellowstone, Montana. I am obsessed with western wear.

This belt from Ariat will last you forever. They have such high quality items and you'll be able to pass this belt down to your little ones.

This western mule is a combo of two of my favorite trends! They're $30 in my size, and are way too cute to pass up!

I also found a western belt that has sizes from S-3XL, and it's only $12! NEED.

Okay- so those are my favorite trends, what fall trends are you excited about this year?