All Time Amazon Favorites!

Okay everyone. I am an Amazon-aholic. Phew. I said it. I have been an Amazon Prime member since 2012, and I always make the membership fee worth it. How? Let me show you the ways, because you are TRULY missing out if you aren't a prime member yet. Quick disclaimer- I may earn on qualifying purchases through these affiliate links!

I'm also going to break down my top 10 favorite amazon purchases (that are still available to purchase online!)

Dr Bronners

Dr Bronners

10. Dr. Bronner's Pure Castile Soap

This soap (specifically the citrus scent) is one of my favorite cleaning products of all time. It's vegan, fair trade, made with great ingredients and if you haven't heard of this soap before, let me list a small portion of the uses it describes on the bottle.

  • Body wash

  • Shaving

  • Rinsing fruit

  • aromatherapy

  • washing dishes

  • doing laundry

  • mopping floors

  • washing windows

  • scrubbing toilets

  • washing dogs

  • controlling dust mites

  • killing ants and aphids

There are so many great scents, the price per bottle is totally worth it (I bought a combo pack in 2013 and I'm not all the way through the bottles!) and you can feel good about buying  a product that doesn't harm animals.

mother lode

mother lode

9. eBags Mother lode Carry On Bag

Okay. This bag. Actually- this BRAND of bags. Best suitcases EVER. They are so tough. So durable. They come in SO MANY SIZES and have the cutest organization pockets and systems like packing cubes you can get to put in them. (wow, nerd) I buy eBags everything when it comes to travel! (Amazon carries so much of it, and cheaper than on the eBags website!) I'm going to do a full review of this, and all my eBags purchases on my Top Ten Travel Tips post, coming soon!

We also bought the backpack version, which Johnny (the husband) uses for almost all travel. It has a laptop sleeve, tons of space and is expandable. You can also carry it as a regular duffle if you want!

Philips Light Bulb

Philips Light Bulb

8. Philips LED Frosted Light Bulbs

Yeah, I know. Such an adult purchase, right? But, hear me out. Light bulbs are so expensive! Buying in bulk is awesome. When I bought these, they were $28.65 for a 16 pack. $1.79 a bulb? You tell me where you can find that for a name brand LED! I bought a pack of these when we bought our home in January 2017, and haven't had to switch one out yet, but when we do... I WILL ALREADY HAVE SOME. It's the little things in life.

LED Light Strip

LED Light Strip

7. LE 16 Foot LED Flexible Light Strip

This light strip is LEGIT. I currently have a few of these in my house for different things. First off, it's sticky on the back, and in the 1.5 years I've had mine up, I haven't had to reapply. I have used this around mirrors for a DIY Ring Light, under cabinets, to light up display cases, and in my closet. The amount of light this thing puts off is kinda crazy. The only downside is that you need the power adapter attachment, linked here. The entire setup is around $21.00, which is totally worth it, IMO.

Salt and Pepper

Salt and Pepper

6. Premium Stainless Steel Salt and Pepper Grinder Set

You might be like, #6 on this list? Are you kidding? No. I'm not. First off, salt and pepper in the small bottles is expensive AF. Like, ridiculously expensive. Second, I like buying at costco, but I'm not about to have a half gallon of salt on my dinner table. So- I have these amazing, refillable salt and pepper shakers. I bought a bunch of pink Hawaiian salt last time we were on the Big Island, and that's currently what I'm grinding up for my margaritas and tequila shots.



5. TheraBreath EVERYTHING.

I love the mouthwash.

I love the toothpaste.

I love the mints.

I love the throat spray.

I even love the nose drops. WHAAT. Yep. Love them.

I have chronic dry mouth. This stuff works. My son had an infection in his gums (ew) and I had him use this stuff along with his antibiotics, and while the antibiotics cleared up the infection, these amazing products cleared up his bad breath. I reorder again and again, and always from Amazon. The prices from Amazon are about 20-30% cheaper than at Target and other local stores.



4. Contigo Autoseal Travel Mug

These mugs have been through a lot. My husband has been a welder for the last 5 years, and these mugs have gone with him to the shop every single day since we got them in 2016. They've been dropped, banged, washed over and over, and they still work like the day we got them. The seal is amazing. When I pour my coffee into it in the morning, I throw it into my purse. Sometimes I forget to "lock" the seal, but I've never had a leak either way! The lock really makes sure no accidental liquid comes out if the button gets pushed. I honestly have to say this is my favorite travel mug of all time. We own 6 of them. I had to buy my own set because Johnny kept taking mine to work and forgetting them. They're amazing. They keep hot drinks hot, cold drinks cold. Definitely buy the combo for a better deal!

Coleman Tent

Coleman Tent

3. Camping Gear

Johnny is a bowhunter. I dabble. But we go camping for a few weeks in total every year, so having the most affordable but longest lasting gear is essential for us! Below is a list of a few of my faves:

  • Teton Mammoth Queen Size Sleeping Bag the warmest bag, perfect for snuggling!

  • Texsport Instant Camp Shower/Privacy Shelter this was a must for us. Hunting for a week without an actual shower? I don't think so. We bought this 5 gal Sun Shower to use inside, but I also used it as a changing room.

  • Coleman Back Home Instant Screenhouse If you go anywhere with mosquitos (so like, everywhere) you need this.

  • Coleman Oversized Camp Chair with Cooler At first, Johnny thought this was overkill. We had other camp chairs, and now these are the only ones we use. The cooler is SO AWESOME for storing drinks by the campfire, or keeping them around the trailer during the day. I usually throw some ice in there or even just my drinks, and it stays cool for a few hours.

  • Coleman 52 Quart Extreme Cooler is an obvious choice when you're going to be camping for 5-10 days at a time. This is a 5 day cooler, which makes it last well through a weekend trip, and does really well in the shade for longer trips.

  • Mr. Heater Buddy. Y'all. If you're in the #alwayscoldclub like I am, you need this. I use it in our pop-up trailer, in the garage when I'm working on a project during the winter, in our tent... the thing really is worth it's weight in gold.

  • Coleman Swing Wall 10x10 Pictured above, this canopy is the best. We use this next to the screenhouse to create a big camp kitchen and hangout, and the adjustable wall is amazing for a wind screen or to create shade.



2. Shoes.

Guys, I have purchased 63 pairs of shoes off of Amazon. No exaggeration. The reviews are always accurate, people normally post pictures of what they look like in real life (vs stock photo!) and the prices usually can't be beat. I'm listing a few of my favorite finds (that are still available!) below:

  • Qupid Women's Hiking Boot I am all about the crushed velvet trend, and a cute chunky boot with a purple/taupe crushed velvet? YES. Count me in.

  • Blowfish Granola Fisherman's Sandal I have this shoe in 3 colors. Yes. 3. They came with me to Thailand, they go camping, they go to Mexico and Vegas and anywhere I go. They're the perfect "throw them in your bag when your heels hurt" shoe. And I love them.

  • Sorel Major Carly Boot All the function of Sorels, but the fashion of an every-day boot during the winter. I got it in olive, but there are multiple colors available!

  • Tom's Avalon Women's Sneaker This is the perfect hybrid between Toms regular shoes and Vans. These shoes are SO comfortable. I bring them every time I travel, and they look super cute with shorts, skirts or jeans!

  • Olukai anything. Literally anything. Johnny and I have multiple pairs of Olukai shoes and we love them. They've traveled the world with us, have held up like they're brand new, and look super cute.



  1. Amazon Basics.

I have purchased a RIDICULOUS amount of Amazon Basics products, and I am not mad about a single one of them. They're amazing. The price points, the quality, all around good buys. Here are a few that I swear by:

  • Batteries because why pay more than you should to use your remote?

  • Velvet Hangers are the ONLY hangers I use in my house anymore. They're space saving, your clothes don't slide off, and you can get them for tops, pants, etc.

  • Silicone Baking Mat I'll never bake without these again.

  • Washcloths I have found so many uses for these. I use them for my business, cleaning, camping, in the shower, etc.

  • Bluetooth Speaker I got this speaker for my kiddo, it works well, has a microphone and doesn't cost an arm and a leg.

  • Foam Roller If you work at a desk like I do, chances are your back hurts. I keep one of these at the office and one at home to stretch out. Under $10? Yes, please!

That's it! I would love to hear YOUR favorite Amazon items, too!