When Opportunity Knocks...

Why is it that we're so scared to take chances on ourselves? If you were given the opportunity to start something that could change everything, and you could start that for FREE, what's stopping you?

I'm serious. I want to know. What are the reasons you feel that you shouldn't go for it? Are you scared you might fail? Are you worried that people will make fun of you? Are you worried about not knowing enough?

Let me tell you something. When I started this business, I knew practically nothing. I'm still learning every single day. I learn better ways of communicating, marketing, selling, retaining customers, the list goes on and on. But I started. That's the key. I just jumped right in. Am I a pro makeup artist like some of the Instagram greats? Absolutely not. Am I the most skilled at photography, graphics, SEO, selling, time management? Nope. Not even close. But I'm trying every single day to be better than I was the day before. I'm always investing time into myself and my business to be better than I was the day, week, month before. And so far, it's working. Am I a millionaire today? Nah. Will I be? Yep. I'm not going to give up until I reach my goals, and until I'm able to provide for my family and take all the stress off my husband.

This business is simple. It comes down to relationships and talking to people. There have been demos that I've done that have been a disaster. Ask my friend Kim about the time I tried to do a super dramatic winged liner. HAH. Absolutely awful. But we laughed it off and tried something else that we ended up loving. I go live on Facebook. I post on Instagram. I talk to people when I'm out running errands or having fun with friends. I have no idea if people have made fun of me or not, and I don't really care. No one has ever been rude to me. I hear no, but that's okay! I say the word "no" about a hundred times a day, so it doesn't phase me when I hear it back. I don't feel pushy, salesy or like I'm "that girl" who is just shoving things down her friends and family's throat. I know I have a product, company and opportunity worth sharing, one that can benefit every single person it comes in contact with. If that benefit is only better skin and flawless makeup- is that really such a bad thing? On the flip side, this business has built homes, sent kids to college, paid for cars, groceries, cell phone bills and everything in-between.

For me, this business has given me friends, new partnerships and relationships in the business world, a steady source of income, self confidence, and the best skin of my life.

For the rest of September, you have the option to sign up with all the signup costs waived. Yep- you don't have to pay a penny to get started. This has only happened one other time with this company, and I'm telling you- the time is now. We are just getting started. We have under 180,000 active reps. So when you thought that the "lipsense girls" were way too saturated, we aren't. So many women have thrown in the towel, and we're still here. I meet people every single day who haven't heard of SeneGence. If they have, they usually have NO IDEA that we have the best pharmaceutical grade, clinically proven skincare in the world. They have no idea we have smudge-proof eyeshadow, blush, foundation and concealer. Well, we do. And those are my top selling items. I sell more skincare and foundation than all of my other products COMBINED. So yes, people have heard of LipSense, and they SHOULD because it's the best stuff out there. I get at least 12-16 hours of wear from mine! (Applicating correctly, not wearing chapstick, staying hydrated and exfoliating my lips!) But there are so many  other opportunities with this business that people are missing out on. There's a bigger picture there, tied to sisterhood, community, growth and personal development.

So when opportunity knocks, are you going to answer?