Sign Up Free September!



Yeah- you read that title correctly! SIGN UP FREE SEPTEMBER! I've heard about SeneGence doing this in the past, but I didn't think it would happen again. It did!

For the month of September in 2018, you can get started without paying the $55 sign up fee. That's $55 you can invest into your business, buy some product, or just keep in your pocket!

So how does it all work? Luckily, I'm here to help!

First, you can sign up here.  I will be your sponsor, and will help you on your journey. It'll be my job to get your business set up and running the right way.

If you are coachable, driven and willing to get outside your comfort zone, you'll do just fine! Really,  this business is what you make it. You choose when you want to work, how you want to work it and you'll get paid accordingly.

When you join, you'll get added to a Facebook group called Hustle Hood. This is where all of us get together to celebrate wins, welcome new boss babes and plan fun events and trips. If you want to really hustle, there's a group called HYPE Squad- which stands for Helping Your Purpose Expand. This is a group to help with the sales and business building trainings. A group for those of you out there who are ready to make a big change in your lives and get everything you can out of this business opportunity.

There is a new distributor packet in HYPE that will help you when I'm asleep or away from my phone. There's also a group chat where you can ask other women we work with as many questions as you can think of! You won't be alone. You aren't reinventing the wheel or trying to figure this out by yourself. You've got a big tribe of women who are working this biz and want you to succeed as well.

Within your first 30 days of business, I'll help you throw a launch party. If you're close to me, we'll do it in person! If you're out of Utah, we'll do it online. I've had super successful launches both ways- so it's totally up to you! Our goal will be to get you pre orders from new customers and introduce the opportunity to your friends as well.

After your launch and your first 30 days, I'm still here! I'm not going anywhere, but I will be leading by example and growing my business with other women! You will always be able to come to events, demos or parties with me and learn the things I'm being taught by my mentors.

I JUST HAD TO EDIT THIS. SeneGence is amazing, y'all. They just announced that with the first 100 PV order of the month (I'll explain, no worries!) you get a free lip kit! That's another $57 in product FREE that you can sell at 100% profit, keep for yourself or use as testers. SRSLY.

Photo Sep 01, 8 00 55 AM

Photo Sep 01, 8 00 55 AM

If you're reading this and you're all- WAIT. IT ISN'T SEPTEMBER ANYMORE. No worries! It's only $55 to get your wholesale license/distributorship from the company. This month is just CRAZY because they're waiving the startup fee!

Have questions? Feel free to call me, text me, email me, whatever you wanna do! I'm here to get you going and help you succeed. This business is a huge passion of mine, and I love sharing it with other women.

Ashley Doyle: 801-690-5277 Distributor ID 500934

Instagram: @bloombeauty23 

Facebook: Bloom Beauty