How to Wash your Hair Once a Week

If you’re like me, hair washing days are the WORST.

For my head of hair, that means I have approximately 15 minutes after I get out of the shower to tame my bangs and many cowlicks into something that will be easy to style. I have to put direction and heat on them almost immediately, or my hair in the front sticks straight up and looks super messy. Because of this, I try to go as long as humanly possible between washes. My normal schedule is Wash day, hair down, hair down, hair half up, pony tail, pony tail, bun, bun then wash. Yeah- that’s a full week in between washes! It wasn’t always easy for me to maintain this, and when I have extensions in (which I will shortly) the schedule changes. However, I’ve trained my hair to be somewhat manageable so I’m only dealing with “Something About Mary” bangs once a week.

“But my hair is SO oily!”

Oils aren’t a bad thing when it comes to your hair, but no one likes an over-oily scalp. This is how I’ve been able to extend my between-wash cycle!

1. Shampoo using a clarifying shampoo- one without sulfates. I like to use THIS shampoo, because it’s not only a shampoo, it’s a treatment! It helps your hair gain thickness and strength because of a proprietary list of ingredients. I have had great results with this product, you can check out my results on my instagram stories! Search for “Haircovery”.

2. When you condition, only slather the moisturizing treatment on your mid shafts and ends. Even if your conditioner is non-comedogenic, it’s smart to keep excess oils off the scalp if you’re trying to extend washes. I use THIS conditioner, as it follows in the system with my shampoo, and a tiny amount goes SUCH a long way. It’s really light weight, and is clinically proven to help strengthen, lengthen and thicken your hair.

3. Use a styling cream without heavy oils or silicone. I like THIS one, and big bonus- it completely gets rid of static. So if using conditioner only on mid shafts and ends scares you as far as frizz goes, this cream will help remedy that!

4. If you really need some extra smoothness after a few days, use a dry conditioner like THIS one. I have been using it religiously after about day 5, because I need to add more softness to my hair. I got a sample of this spray at Sephora, and haven’t stopped using it since!

5. Leave it alone! The more you pull your hands through your hair, the more oils get transplanted from your hands to your strands. Just use a brush, babe!

6. Bust out the dry shampoo. There are a few brands I swear by. First, THIS one has tapioca starch. It absorbs amounts of oil I didn’t think possible. If you’re new to training your hair to be less oily throughout the week, this is a great dry shampoo to start with. If you’re a brunette, THIS dry shampoo has a dark pigment and won’t show up as dramatically in your hair if you don’t have time to brush it out all the way. As far as my all time favorite, THIS dry shampoo is a little more pricey, but I’ve loved every single product I’ve tried from this brand, especially the dry shampoo and THIS dry texturizing spray!

7. Switch up your style! Braids, top knots, a sleek pony, there are so many options that will give those last few days of hair some extra oomph. I love the tutorials on Barefoot Blonde.

8. Take it slow. Rome wasn’t built in a day, and you won’t go from daily washes to weekly washes overnight. Try extending just one day at a time until your scalp adjusts, and in no time you’ll be able to wash your hair as little as you want!