You Like My Hair? Gee Thanks, Just Bought It!

Ariana Grande’s new song had great timing for my newest investment, a head full of hand-tied extensions! I have been wearing THIS set of clip ins for the last 5-6 months, and while they can be convenient, I was ready for the “real” thing again.

I’ve had every type of extension you can get. The keratin bonds, glue (don’t do it.), tape ins, beads, wefts sewn into braids- and they all have their ups and downs. Since I last had a full head of extensions, a new extension method was invented! Hand tied beaded rows. This method utilizes rows of beads and sewn in wefts in a combo that is better on your hair and is easier to move up.

I scheduled with Sharon after hearing so much about her work and seeing her extensions in person on a few friends. She was very reasonable in pricing, but you should contact your stylist to get a quote. If you’re local to SLC and want to meet with Sharon, check out her Instagram.

She ordered my wefts and we planned on doing 2.5 rows with a few wefts on each row. Some of my favorite bloggers are very open with the amount of hair they have installed, and my fave bloggers all go to the same spot- Habit Salon in Arizona. They all do NBR and usually have 10-15 wefts installed. Some have more- which seems heavy, but I’m all about the fullest hair possible.

Sharon swears by Bohyme extensions, and we ordered the 22” in a 2 (my natural color). Bohyme is extra cool because for the 22” extensions, they actually send 24” hair. That way when you’re texturized and have a fresh cut, you’re left with 22” hair. It matched my natural hair perfectly, so we didn’t have to do any toning or coloring. Every 6-8 weeks you slide up the beads (easiest move up method out there) and you’re on your way! I also love this method of extensions because you’re able to add lighter or darker colors in to add dimension without damaging your natural hair. As it gets warmer, I’ll probably try to do more of a “bronde” look (made popular by Hollie Woodward, in my opinion) and lighten it up a little.

Photo Feb 22, 9 34 20 AM.jpg

She sections off the hair and adds beads in small sections close to the scalp, as seen above. Then, she ties the extensions to the beaded sections, which allows for the easy move-up process and a flat laying extension that isn’t detectable, even up close!

Photo Feb 22, 9 41 04 AM.jpg

It’s amazing how well these extensions matched my hair color! I can’t wait to see what Sharon and I come up with next. Again- if you’re local, you really should book an appointment with her. I paid less for these extensions (even with adding a lot of extra hair) than I ever have before, and start to finish took just over 2 hours. My horrid “burned off hair mullet” was saved. I’m so glad I don’t have to clip in my hair every day, and now I’ll be using even less heat on my hair, thanks to the extensions.